PRICING ON METAL A-FRAMES (includes metal A-frame and multi color vinyl application)

SALE: 18″ x 24″ for $90
SALE: 24″ x 36″ for $120
SALE: 32″ X 48″ for $160


  • Portable freestanding signs that install in minutes
  • Bring attention to your advertising promotions and retail area.
  • Graphics can be changed regularly at little cost.
  • Great for real estate, retail and office roadside signage.
  • Can be weighted to withstand adverse weather conditions.
sandwichboard sign

Businesses in areas that experience a good deal of foot traffic use the popular A-frame sign (otherwise known as sandwich board signs) to advertise their services or products. Restaurants in particular are known for this type of advertising, as is anyone who has daily deals or offers that they wish to promote. When you’re looking for ideas, A frames can offer you different options and price points you may want to consider. Keep the following factors in mind:

  • Your application – This will have a lot to do with the particular product you end up purchasing. You can use adhesive vinyl decals applied to foam board for indoor applications but that would become shredded within a week if you put the sign outside. Conversely, outdoor material due to its greater durability, often requires compromise in terms of color vividness, or other factors. The application is the most important consideration when you are trying to select which product will best work for you.
  • The durability of the sign – Hand in hand with the application, consider the durability. A frames and sandwich boards need special consideration, which may vary based on the location of your advertising.
  • Convenience – The final thing to keep in mind is how convenient your A frame signs are to install and use. You can regularly swap out different graphics, and the frames and sandwich boards themselves are very portable. Installation can be done within just a few minutes by a single person.

So no matter what your application, from restaurants, to retail, to real estate, or even road signage, you may want to consider buying some sandwich boards from a reliable, reputable dealer. Find out just how much business a good self-promotion can generate for you. Contact us now for more detail or to request additional information about sandwich boards and A frames in Indianapolis.

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