CAR 12″ x 18″ – $24 | TRUCK 12″ x 24″ – $30

CUSTOM SIZES – Available | DISCOUNTS on Multiples

Magnetic removable signs are and inexpensive and effective way to get noticed. Mostly used for vehicle advertising purposes, you will find our magnetic signs have many other uses such has real estate signs, maintenance rooms signs, safety signs, etc. They will adhere to any clean magnetic surface (such as steel). Our magnetic signage for vehicles has beveled corners preventing lifting from air flow. Our magnetic signs also feature the best quality high cast vinyl which means several years of use. We use heavy duty 30 mil magnetic material that’s made in USA. We offer magnetic signs in two standard sizes but can create custom sizes as well.

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Magnetic Removable Signs can also be used on Commercial vehicles to satisfy DOT numbers & VIN number requirements for markings. Read more about Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirements §390.21 Marking of CMVs.


Other Suggestions:

1. Prior to placing on order, make sure you know exactly were you will be placing the magnetic removable signs.  The surface must be a flat steel surface without any rivets or paint damage. Also, the area should be large enough for the entire magnetic sign.

2. Do not choose hard to read or cursive font styles since it’s more difficult to see them on a moving car.

3. Small magnetic removable signs should not have more than three lines. That’s all the customer will be able to read on a moving car.

4. Letter size should be a minimum of 2.5” in height, anything smaller will not be readable, and therefore you will not be able to get your message across. If we see that your writing is too small or lengthy, we’ll advise to increase the font and shorten the ad.

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