Gotwals Large Sign and Work Truck Decals

CUSTOMER | Gotwal’s Equipment Repair
location: Anderson, Indiana

Job Type |
4′ x 8′ Double Sided Street Sign
Vehicle Graphics
License Plate Holders

Indianapolis Truck Graphics

Description |
If it’s broke he can fix it. Eric Gotwal clearly is a man who knows machinery and how things run. His shop is filled with tools, his trucks are filled with tools, and I’m sure the majority of the time he can be found with a tool in hand. We showcased Eric several fonts and styles for his truck graphics before deciding on what he liked. We then got really excited that Eric wanted our specialty reflective vinyl film for his choice of material. Often Eric works hundreds of feet underground working in mines fixing equipment, Imagine a lot of dirt/dust and high volume traffic in such a facility. This film really illuminates brightly when lights shine on it making it perfect for safety reasons or just getting noticed.

After the installation of the work truck graphics we moved onto making a large street sign for advertising Eric’s quality work. We decided to go with a 4′ x 8′ MDO board for a longer lasting sign then regular plywood. The sign was double coated with high quality primer, along with two coats of black oil based paint. The red lettering backdrop/stroke was coated with red oil based paint twice and then premium cast white vinyl letters were applied. Both sides of the board were utilized in the same manner and the results were amazing.

Painted Wood Sign, Vehicle Graphics |
We can offer suggestions for a wide variety of materials used in sign making such as painted signs, vinyl graphics/lettering, stenciled signs, or signs printed with digital artwork. We want to save you money and add value to your sign whether you want an Indy painted sign with rich bold colors and long lasting enamel paints, or custom vinyl cut lettering and graphics. We also offer vehicle graphics, full printed logos/banners, magnetic signage, long lasting vinyl lettering and graphics.

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