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Key Reflection Studios has come to find the following quote by Sir Richard Bronson true. We really cannot say enough about how building relationships with customers and other professionals in the industry has helped us. The majority of our local business in Indianapolis comes from repeat customers and their referencing us to other businesses. The way we view it, our customers success is our success; the more they grow, we will grow. A lasting relationship and networking is really what we are all about; it’s what we are built on.

The Value of Networking

Frank Mabry Hugeprints owner
This is Frank Mabry, owner of Hugeprints.com–a veteran sign and print shop in Rockford, Illinois with over 40 years of graphic arts experience! We had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Frank at a sign convention near Chicago. Since then, he has advised us on several aspects of the graphic industry. Frank was able to give us great advice and ideas that we had not yet thought of ourselves. It’s very admirable to find someone with Frank’s vast knowledge in the industry and the willingness to help others.


To be a sound sign shop, it is important to have an understanding of the various types of graphic applications such as vehicle wraps, lighted signs, wall murals, screen printing, and sublimation printing. Having an understanding is one thing but it is not likely that you will find a graphic company that makes every type of printing/graphic application. The majority of companies will have their expertise in one field versus another. This is where networking can be key factor–if one is wanting to venture into another area and needs advice or is looking to outsource a customer’s order to someone who is an expert in the field.

Different Perspective

Graphic Networking can also lead you to see someone within your community that has a different viewpoint from yours. The majority of techniques and applications have been known about for some time now and let’s face it, in this era, can be found on Youtube How-to videos. It is the business perspective side of things and different backgrounds that make each person unique. Different strategies in business can help a sign shop reach success more quickly and avoid pitfalls.


Experience can be a real time-saver and time is money so this alone makes graphic networking instrumental. Trial and error can sometimes be the most effective way to learn, but sometimes, frustration can lead to a poor quality job or cause one to quit all together. Having someone you can reach out to with proven experience can make jobs go smoothly, finish in a timely fashion, avoid costly mistakes, and ultimately save money.

Live in the Rockford, Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin area? If yes, Key Reflection Studios suggests you contact Hugeprints! Click the image below to directly link to Hugeprints.


SO what’s your opinion on the most important part of networking?

Cheers – Brent Doughty – Team Key Reflection Studios

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