We hope that you can find the answers to your graphic questions within our website pages. The following frequently asked questions may also be of assistance.


I have an idea of what I want but don’t know much about design or printing. Can you help?

Give us a call for some free advice with your graphic questions. With today’s digital technology many projects are not as complicated as you may fear. Whether it’s something seemingly as big as a full color wall mural, as cool as car or window graphics, or as small & slick as a business card, our design and production team can assist you from start to finish.

Can you explain in simple terms the process involved to create something?

Imagine-Design- Print

  • Step 1 Call us with the ideas of what you want. You may not know completely but make some choices: i.e.  Art, pictures, colours, fonts, sizes, and what you want to say or do.
  • Step 2 Create the design/artwork on computer, either yourself or with our help.
  • Step 3 Production. The design is then printed either directly to the final material such as photo paper or wallpaper, or printed and then applied to a substrate backing as with most signs.


I know what I want and have the artwork already. What format do you require it in?

Convert your project to CMYK color and save as TIFF with LZW compression, PDF or JPG

  • Provide us with high-resolution digital files. For best results, make sure the resolution is at least 100dpi at 100% size or equivalent (200dpi at 50% or 400dpi at 25%).
  • Convert all the fonts and strokes to outline. Create crop marks to ensure accurate cutting.
  • For logos, create a vector file and save as PDF.
  • Provide at least 1/2 inch bleed area around layouts. Text and important images such as logos should be at least 1/4 to 1 inch away from edges of design. For vinyl banners, allow a1.5 inch margin due to grommets and trimming.
  • For solid colors, specify Pantone numbers for best match (up to 85% match to true color).
  • Ensure all files include their appropriate extensions.
  • Provide a hardcopy layout for accurate proofing and placement verification.
  • Send us your large files using https://www.wetransfer.com/
What if I don’t have my own artwork/design?

Although we specialize in the printing of signs and graphics and not design, the nature of the work we do means that we can design our products to meet your exact requirements. We can do it from scratch if necessary, through consultation with you. We will often charge a small design fee and deposit for this service but this will always be confirmed with you prior to commencing the work, please contact us for more specifics to your graphic questions.

What is a vector file format?

A Guide to Logo Vector Files: What is a Vector file format? And why should I use it?

Countless times clients have asked in a panic, “Can you please send my logo over to our printer in a “vector’ format? I have no idea what this means!”” Or, we need to request a client’s existing logo for our design work, only to receive a rasterized file format that doesn’t allow us to use it with unlimited creativity.

This article is a guide to vector formats (a.k.a. EPS files), explaining what they are and why you should use them for your firm or company logo. 

What is the definition of Vector Graphic?

According to Wikipedia: “Vector graphics files store the lines, shapes and colors that make up an image as mathematical formulae.” They are also known as EPS files.

Have you heard of Adobe Illustrator? It’s the way to do it.

A vector graphics program (like Adobe Illustrator) uses these mathematical formulae to construct the screen image, building the best quality image possible. The mathematical formulae determine where the dots that make up the image should be placed for the best results when displaying the image.

Should you care about resizing your logo? Yes, all logos can be on a billboard.

Since these formulas can produce an image scalable to any size and detail, the quality of the vector image is limited only by the resolution of the display. The file size of vector data generating the image stays the same.” For example, printing vector images on paper will usually give a sharper, higher resolution output than displaying them on a screen, but they use exactly the same vector data file.

Why Should I have my Logo in Vector Format?

  • We can manipulate it better and have more creative options;
  • We can separate it from the background and pull apart elements;
  • We can edit the colors;
  • We can use it on stationery designs;
  • We can use it for other print materials, including brochures, direct-mail pieces, and other print materials;
  • The colors can be set up to be printed consistently from any commercial printer;
  • It can scale to fit a billboard and won’t lose quality;
  • It can be created in outlines so the font never loads differently.


How do I place an order?

In person, by phone or email we can address all your graphic questions. We require the order in writing by email or in person to avoid mistakes, and an initial deposit of 50%. Production will commence only after your confirmation of the design artwork.

How do I place an order?

Master Card, Visa, American Express, Debit card and cheques, are all accepted forms of payment.

How long will my order take?

This is dependent upon design approval and production schedule. Typically a lead time of 4 or 5 days should be expected. We will always discuss this with you at the time of order and will accommodate your needs wherever possible.


Can you provide both temporary and permanent signs for durability inside and outside?

We complete both and the materials used will impact on the durability of the sign. We offer a full range of materials to fit within your budget and needs. Most signs should last a number of years and should be seen as an investment rather than a one off cost; as they will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How long does it last?

Long lasting and durable for a number of years for indoor use as well as outdoors. Age outdoors will vary to some degree with weather conditions.

What is it made of?

Full colour using only original inks, digitally printed on an adhesive polyester fabric material.

How can I get started?

Send us a photo of the area you wish to cover with an idea for the design. Free of charge we’ll superimpose some artwork on your photo and email it back giving you a good idea of what your space will look like. From there it’s easy!

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