Design Consultation with OMG! Brunch and Boutique

CUSTOMER | OMG! Brunch and Boutique
location: Elmhurst, Illinois

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design consultation
magnetic menu graphics
custom order # stands
chalkboard eggs
wall decal quotes
vertical banner & stand


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If you are in Elmhurst, IL, there is a good chance you know Mary Moy-Gregg–owner of OMG! Brunch and Boutique. Her personality is magnetic and her ability plan and orchestrate the opening her very own restaurant is inspiring! Mary had contacted us and shared with us several of her creative ideas.

omg MaryMary Moy-Gregg,
Owner of OMG! Brunch & Boutique

Adding the breakfast quote wall decals to the restrooms really added some hidden personality for the restaurant’s visitors; everyone loved the quotes so much that Mary decided she wanted some in her employee restrooms as well. The employee restroom quotes were all inspirational and motivational quotes. With a menu and specials that can change from time to time, she decided to go with magnetic decals for her giant beverage chalkboard. Since they are magnets, they can be rearranged and repositioned as needed, allowing for quick changes. The order number table stands were a challenge with a short production time but ended up how they were envisioned with a unique charm. We crafted them from wooden spoons and made chalkboard eggs- each one had a blank side for numbers to be written and a side with a breakfast quote.

A successful year later and OMG! Brunch and Boutique is now offering catering services and is about to open a second location. We recently created a retractable vertical banner along with stand to showcase the amazing food combinations OMG! offers. If you are ever near Chicago, take a trip to beautiful Elmhurst and treat yourself to a delicious meal at OMG! Brunch and Boutique; if you are short on time, there will soon be a faster-pace OMG! Cafe, which I am sure will be equally delicious!

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