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CUSTOMER | Purdue University Polytechnic
location: West Lafayette, IN

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Etched Glass Design and Application

etched glass



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Key Reflection Studios was contacted by Purdue University Polytechnic Professor, Mark Shaurete, Ph.D pertaining to the renovation taking place at their facility. There was a need for privacy concerning their new office with the high volume of traffic that was just outside. Along with privacy, the client also wanted the office to be easily identified. Our etched glass material was the perfect solution to address both these request. Our Etched glass material creates a traditional etched, cut or sandblasted glass appearance. Ideal for the decorative design of shop windows and glass doors. This material can vary in opacity, color, and texture so clients really have a variety to choose from to meet their desired look.

We then had the pleasure to follow¬†up the job with Professor Scott Santon. We came up with several designs to be cut into the Etched Glass Material until a finally proof was approved. Key Reflection Studios then headed to West Lafayette, IN to install the job to the satisfication of Purdue’s Polytechnic Division. It was a pleasure working with Purdue!

Mark Shaurette
scott santon

Mark Shaurete, Ph.D
Assoc. Professor
Scott Santon
Continuing Lecturer

Etched Glass Design and Application |

We can offer a wide variety of etched glass material to meet your privacy or design needs. Whether for glass doors or windows our etched glass material is not only cost effective but also aesthetic.


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