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Classic Banner Finishing

classic banner finishing
Being Indianapolis’s go to sign and banner studio, Key Reflection Studios has the answers to the many different aspects to finishing a banner. It is not uncommon to think that once your eye-catching banner is printed or a graphic is applied to it, that is complete. That would be excluding one of the most important aspects of banner creation; that being, the finishing of your banner.

What is finishing you say?

‘Finishing’ is the final touch to each banner and concerns itself with the structural integrity of the banner for how it is going to be utilized in the real world. Much like banner material, certain finish techniques should be used depending on how the banner is going to be used. We’ve seen numerous instances where a nice looking banner simply does not hold up like it should because of improper finishing. There are several different ways to finish a banner that have came across over the years thanks to advances in technology from the standard sewn-hem banner. To keep this short, we will talk about just a few of these techniques.

What are some of the ways a banner can be finished?

bench‑top press grommet machine w/grommets
banner tape
double sided tape

Glued Yes, a banner can actually be glued to create a strong hem. This method is a less expensive way to hem a banner but it does work for the right banner. Much like gluing two pieces of paper together the glue itself is a layer that holds both the materials together. Over time stresses of weathering (such as high winds) can cause this kind of bond to fail.

Sewn / Stitched A professionally sewn banner is the preferred method for us at Key Reflection Studios. The end results of a sewn banner is what we consider the ideal finished look of a classic banner . A sewn banner, when double-stitch hemmed, has been proven to hold up for many years. When done right, this proves to be an effective way to complete a banner in a timely fashion. An industrial sewing machine is needed to go through the heavier material along with some training to get the stitch line straight.

Double Sided Tape Much like sewing, a hem is made by the use of double sided banner tape. This is a lot like household double sided tape you might have used for projects around the house but has an extremely high tact adhesive specifically made for banners. A guide line is marked down the backside of the banner, double sided tape is then placed on the line to ensure a straight line, then the outside layer of backing paper on the tape is peeled back and the banner is applied. A roller is used to ensure the banner has adhered firmly to the banner tape material.

Welded The welded banner is the strongest bond you can get with banners but is also the most costly. The method of welding banners together requires expensive specialty machines, but the end results are amazing. Unlike glue, the hem on a welded banner actually fuses the banner material together making them one. This is especially beneficial for large scale banners that are pieced together to cover buildings. Depending on your taste, some will say the elimination of the stitches of a sewn hem makes for a more esthetic banner.


heat welded banner hem


sewn double hemmed banner

A Classic Company Banner Staple – Grommets

Grommets: A grommet is an eyelet placed in a hole in a sheet or panel to protect or insulate a rope or cable passed through it or to prevent the sheet or panel from being torn. The size of your banner will depend on how many grommets will be in it, but expect to find these throughout your banner to help assist in hanging multiple ways. These are installed in numerous ways either with a hammer and grommet dye, bench‑top press grommet machine, or a grommet machine foot press.

In Conclusion

We feel as if every type of finishing technique is a working solution depending on the application and budget of the customer. We also hope that from this you now have an understanding that the finishing technique of your banner is as important as the print quality of it. Of the banners we do at Key Reflection Studios, our ideal classic banner finishing method would be the sewn double stitched banner–reliable, cosmetically finished look, and cost effective.

Classic Banner Finishing

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Cheers – Brent Doughty – Team Key Reflection Studios

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